Lutong Bahay Dinner

Filipino cuisine takes much of its influence through Spain and the partners wanted to celebrate the flavors of both cultures. What better way to share the fusion of Filipino-Spanish fine dining which has long been absent in the States than through a restaurant we can be proud of. The partners were blessed with the experience of a seasoned Spanish-Filipina chef from Manila and on June 2005 Lutong Bahay Diner was born. Lutong Bahay Diner aims to bring families and friends together through its inviting atmosphere, courteous staff and of course delicious, sumptuous and unforgettable dishes. Come and experience the splendor of authentic Filipino Spanish cuisine. Welcome to Lutong Bahay Diner!

Store hours

Open Tuesday Sunday 8:00am to 7.00pm
Closed on Monday
Cell: (602)-881-0882 Business: (623)873-5105